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With many years experience in software development we know that sometimes you just want to bring that data into your product - fast!

With that in mind, we created tyny.dev.

Mission statement

tyny.dev fills a niche, is simple, and fun to use!

Sometimes one tends to overthink and to make things complicated; a simple idea turns into this humongous monolith which isn't fun to use or easy to understand anymore.

Different than the rest

tyny.dev is not for structured data; it's not a CMS. It doesn't want to compete with all those amazing CMS's out there.

It wants to complement.

tyny.dev is not a full-fledged API with all the bells and whistles HTTP has to offer. But there are use cases where tyny.dev shines.

It wants to support.

"Why not create some static JSON files and put them somewhere on a web drive?", I hear you say. True. But tell your Product Owner! Editing those files, especially if various people need to do it, will get messy fast - and it doesn't scale well.

tyny.dev does.

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