the multifarious json builder

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Have a look at the features:

Editor - Editing a JSON document via WYSIWYG editor

Creation of JSON documents with WYSIWYG editor

What you see is what you get.

Creation of plain, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON documents

All important web formats ready-to-go.

Editor - Creation of all important web files

Served through our performant, scalable and highly available API

This is where you save money - no infrastructure needed.

Autogenerated subdomains for every account

awesomepinkunicorn.tyny.dev might be your's soon...

Editor - Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript documents all together

Fallback logic for documents through URI paths

If there's no document for /app/page/xyz available, request falls back to document /app/page and so on.

Support for custom placeholders

Use placeholders like {{AWESOME_PRODUCT_NAME}} in all of your documents which then get replaced by the parameters you send us on the API.

Editor - List of all your documents

Fast editing of documents

Hide or move certain parts of your document with just a few clicks.

Multiple variants of documents

Useful for versioning, A/B testing and lots of other things.

Variants can be served following a time schedule/interval

Serve your documents according to certain events, prime times, etc.

Every variant can have it's individual cache time

Backed through a CDN.

And many more to come

We're striving to enhance tyny.dev constantly.


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